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Wedding Hire Car Newcastle – More Wedding Car Tips

Wedding Hire Car Newcastle – We brought you a number of tips to help you make sure your wedding car hire went off without a hitch in a previous blog post. In an effort to make sure that you’re able to check every box possible we gathered together and came up with a few more points you should look into when you’re looking for a wedding hire car Newcastle.

1. Have the right cars for the right amount of people.

In our previous post we talked about making sure to schedule the pick-up route to ensure that everybody gets picked up with time to spare. Some members of your wedding party might be a bit slower than others or need a little bit of extra assistance getting in and out of cars.

Another point to consider for your wedding hire car Newcastle is luggage. Some people may be leaving for home after the wedding or reception and won’t be staying over another night in a hotel or friend’s home. You should keep in mind that some cars were designed with pure elegance in mind, meaning their luggage space is limited at best. If luggage is indeed going to be an issue, make sure it’s arranged ahead of time to move their bags from A to B in someone else’s own car.

Also, if you’re determined to have your whole wedding party arrive in luxurious style (bride’s maids, the ring bearer, the flower girl, and so on…) but you’re on a budget, take a look at some of the larger vehicles available. You’ll be able to get more of your party where they need to go without having to hire more cars to make up the needed space.

2. Colour coordinate.

Most people like to have a picture or two taken next to their wedding hire car Newcastle. But remember – if your wedding has a strong colour theme then you’re going to want to make sure that your car compliments your clothing. This also extends to any bunting or ribbons used to decorate the vehicles.

3. Theme your vehicle to the theme of your wedding.

We’ve mentioned before that different machines have different feels to them – they send off different vibes. If you’re wedding’s overall theme is pure old-fashioned elegance then a classic Rolls Royce may be just the wedding hire car Newcastle for you.

But if you’re looking to do it up a little different, then don’t be afraid to colour a bit outside of the lines and take a look at some of our different vintage cars or our Cabbys.

4. Make sure you can fit your dress.

It may seem obvious but in the excitement of picking out a beautiful car some brides forget that they are going to be wearing an especially expansive dress, or one that includes a long train. Ladies, make sure your dress can fit without it being crushed or crumpled!


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