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Wedding Car – Surprise Them With Style

By admin
In April 25, 2015

Wedding Car – Not sure what to get that bride and groom? How about that graduating student of yours? Perhaps you’re looking forward to taking that special someone out to a birthday concert. Maybe you’d like to thrill your friends with a night out on the town, or an important business visitor with a tour of Sydney. Do you know what will make all those events all the more special? A wedding car rental from Just Wedding Cars.

Surprise wedding car rentals are becoming quite the thing. We have to admit it wasn’t even something we had considered at first – but parents of blushing brides sure did. And parents of senior students ready to toss their graduation caps into the air.

If you’re looking to slip some style into someone’s life we have a couple of tips we’d like to pass along to you to make the event go all the smoother.

Book ahead

Part of the fun of renting a wedding car is picking just the right car to set the mood for your event. If you’re going to go for pure elegance we’d suggest a stretch limo or a Bentley. If you want to throw a little bit of swagger out there with your arrival then maybe a Mercedes is just the thing. If you’re looking to not maWedding Cars Sydneyke the scene but be the scene then we’d suggest checking out our Porsches or Ferraris.

 The important thing to remember here as you peruse our stable is that you don’t want to get your heart set on a particular machine only to leave it too late and find out that it’s not available. You’re going to be kicking yourself with the thought of how much more special your special someone’s event could have been if you’d gotten your rental in early.

Let us know who is in the know

We don’t want to call your residence for a confirmation only to accidentally spill the beans to the lucky recipient. We want to see that look of surprise of delight on your special someone’s face just as much as you do when they see your wedding car rental.

Give us an organized contact.

If, for example, your car is for a wedding, we want to be on time to pick up the bride, but we don’t want to be so early that the surprise gets spoiled. When timing is everything you’re going to want a responsible person ready to call us to tell us that it’s time to come ahead.

Aside from the timing, you’re going to need space reserved for your wedding car (those stretch limos are big).

You want your loved one’s big day to be even bigger. A little planning can make all the difference. To get started give us a call at 043671999 or contact us at our contact page.



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