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Wedding Car Hire – 5 Sure-fire Ways Just Wedding Cars Can Enhance Your Romance

By admin
In April 7, 2015

There’s special… and then there’s Wedding Car Hire special. Want to impress that special Mister, Miss, or Missus in your life? Just Wedding Cars is here to help you transform a good day into a great memory.

1. Picnics.

chrysler-300c-sedanPicnics are an all-time romantic favourite for a reason. You have scenery, you have food, you have the company of someone you care about. Here’s how you make that good time into a great event – a Wedding Car Hire.

Now you can arrive in your secluded spot in style and luxury, and your significant other (or even just your friends) know that this is going to be a day to remember. An added bonus – you can drink without worrying about being able to drive back home later.

Sorry, we can’t do anything about the ants or the weather. We’re good, but even we have limits.

2. Dinner.

Transform a dinner date into a black-tie event. Dress yourself up to the nines, and then arrange to get to and from your fine dining destination in one of our chauffeured limos, Bentleys, or Mercedes.

You can start your evening’s experience early by enjoying a glass of champagne en route, and just like with your picnic, you’re free to enjoy another drink or two while you’re out without having to concern yourself about the drive home.

3. Concerts.

Be it opera, the ballet, or a pure wall-of-noise rock concert, take your big evening out to the next level with one of our cars. What kind of mood are you feeling is right for the event – swagger? Then a Wedding Car Hire of one of our Mercedes might be just the thing.

Want your arrival to rival that of the people on stage? Consider launching into your evening with A Porsche or Ferrari.

If you’re looking for elegance, our Bentleys and limos are just the thing.

And if you’re just looking to let loose and party, then you and your friends should take a look at our stretch limo offerings with lots of room to let you and your gang start things off right.

4. A Trip to the Spa.

Set your significant other up with a day of luxury that starts right from the word go. Have him or her picked up by a Wedding Car Hire to be eased into hours of being treated like royalty.

Or share the day and get a couple’s massage, followed by a carefree ride home where all you have to worry about is keeping your champagne glass topped off.

5. A Trip to… Wherever Your Heart Desires.

Heading somewhere tropical? Or perhaps you have a ski trip in mind with a cozy lodge just waiting for you. Start your voyage off in luxury and style with a chauffeured ride to the airport that will get you there on time and with nothing on your mind but what you’re going to do when you touch down at the far end of your flight.

Wedding Car Hires aren’t just for weddings… they’re for making memories. Contact us and let us help you start building a day that will stay with you and your loved one forever.


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