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Wedding Car Hire Wollongong – Your Car Service Checklist

Wedding Car Hire Wollongong – We like to think that we’re the top of the heap when it comes to considering a wedding car hire Wollongong. More importantly, we’d like for you to think that too. We thought we’d give you a bit of a checklist to consider when hiring from elite car services, and use it to check out if the service you hired left you satisfied.


Starting right from the top, does your car service of choice make the booking process quick and easy? Do you understand the terms? Were you able to get your desires and itinerary across in an easy fashion?

If you had some changes to be made in the days leading up to your hire, were they easily accommodated, or was there a lot of gruff and grumble from the other end of the phone or email?

Did the service you used for a wedding car hire Wollongong make all of your exchanges quick, or were they muddled into overly drawn-out affairs?

The Big Day(s)

The day (or first day) of your event(s) or trip arrives, and so does your hired car. Here of course is the biggest item to check off of your list – was the car you asked for the car that arrived?

You’d be surprised, but we’ve heard some astonishing stories of other services switching out cars without telling their clients.

Was your wedding car hire Wollongong impeccably clean? Did it drive smoothly? Did the engine purr like a well-maintained machine should, or did it sound like the poor mechanical creature needed a solid tune-up in the very near future?

How about your chauffeur? Was he or she groomed just as well as the car? Did they help you with luggage? Were they polite? If you wished to engage in conversation were they agreeable, or if you preferred to ride in quiet did they then respect your wishes?

Did the driver respect your privacy if you had business or personal calls to make?

Did they understand the importance of your event? Some services treat even weddings like it’s just another job, not like it’s one of the biggest moments of their clients’ lives.

And of course, did the chauffeur responsible for your wedding car hire Wollongong get you to your destination on time, accounting for congestion and known traffic flow blockages?


Once your hire was complete did you get a bill for the agreed upon price, or was there a sudden and almost magical number of inexplicable additional service charges that were not mentioned to you ahead of time?

We invite you to hold us to this checklist the next time you’re kind enough to use our services. We’re confident that you’ll be more than satisfied.