School Formal Car Hire – 5 Tips to Make Your Formal Night Turn Out Right

By admin
In July 5, 2015

School Formal Car Hire  – Your formal night starts before you arrive at the actual formal; it begins with your ride. Your ride helps set the mood, it helps you get where you need to be, it helps make for a great entrance, you get some great pictures, and most importantly, it’s fun. It does take a bit of planning on your part though. So with that in mind we’d like to provide you students (and parents) with 5 quick tips that will help you get the most out of your school formal car hire.

1. Give us multiple contact options.

Our chauffeurs are at the top of the driving game. They know routes, alternate routes, which streets tend to be jammed up at what hours, and so on.

That being said, sometimes the unforeseen can happen, both on your driver’s end and on yours. For example, an unforeseen accident can gum up traffic. In such cases it’s important that you and your school formal car hire driver can let each other know what’s going on.

So when you make your booking with us, please include some extra contact numbers such as:

  • Your number.
  • A number where we can reach your parents.
  • The same for one or two of your friends who will be sharing the ride with you.

2. Collect everyone’s share ahead of time.

Trying to get anything done on the night of the formal is going to be akin to herding cats. Everybody is going to be far too excited to concentrate on the necessities.

Also, almost any school formal car hire company with any reputation at all is going to require a damage deposit up front, before the big night arrives.

So in order to keep the formal night about what it should be about – having fun – we suggest that you collect everyone’s share up front. That way you can join in on the fun without any cares, and you won’t be out of pocket when it comes to the damage deposit.

3. Book your car and driver well in advance.

School formal time is an extremely busy time of the year (it’s also time for a major jump in the number of weddings we book). Arranging for your ride is definitely something that you don’t want to leave until the last minute… unless you’re fine with your parents driving you in the minivan.

4. Have your itinerary ready when you make your booking.

While we do our very best to accommodate any surprises thrown our way, our chauffeurs are better able to arrange to make your school formal car hire that much more pleasant for you if they’re aware in advance what to expect on the night.

So when you call us, try to know:

  • The address of where the formal is being held.
  • The address of all the individual pick-ups.
  • The date of the formal and when the doors are opening (or what time you’d like to arrive by).
  • If you’re going to want to be picked up again at the end of the formal (and if so, at what time)?

5. How many people will be travelling with you.

This number affects which kind of car you’ll be able to hire.

If you (or your parents) have any questions at all we’re more than happy to answer them for you. So do give us a call at +61(0)2 4932 7799 or 0457 835 940 or send us a note through our website and we’ll help you get started planning the best formal night possible.


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