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9 Seater Ford Fairlane Stretch - Wedding Limousines Sydney

You want space before the wedding, just you and your closest family and friends.
Or you want to start the party early, letting your music and our stocked bar get you in the right mood.

You’re on your way to a concert, recital, or performance, and you and your friends want to put your energy into enjoying the entire evening instead of combating traffic and fighting for a parking space.

Maybe you’re arriving in town, or moving meeting to meeting, and you and your colleagues need a moment together where it’s only you, regrouping, rethinking, and re-energizing before you launch into the fray once again.

Or perhaps you want to impress that special client or honoured guest.
Named after Henry Ford’s estate Fair Lane, this roomy conveyance combines classic exterior lines with an interior that’s leading edge in terms of technology.

Our fully qualified chauffeurs ease your party through the streets, you and your friends hidden from envious eyes behind tinted windows.

You will be driven in one of the great Wedding Limousines in Sydney, and those you pass are going to know they’ve just brushed by something special. The 9 Seater Ford Fairlane Stretch, Wedding Limousines in Sydney.