Nissan – Skyline R35 GTR

Nissan – Skyline R35 GTR, Sydney Wedding Car Hires – It’s all about fine-tuning. Whatever your special event, you’ve put some serious effort into making sure everything turns out just right… and even better, that it’s exciting. Needless to say your arrival at your special event should come under just as much scrutiny. Our collection of prized limousines at Sydney wedding car hires has exactly the right vehicle for you.

If you have a great eye for detail, then we humbly suggest that you take a good look at our Nissan Skyline R35 GTR. How precise are these cars? There are only four people in the world who are allowed to assemble the GTR’s engine, and they do so by hand.

Based in Japan, these four gentlemen are known as “Takumi” which is a term given to very few – only those who have spent painstaking years mastering their craft. That means when you select the Skyline from our collection of Sydney wedding car hires you’re surrounded by a vehicle that has been the focus of some of the finest car engineers alive today.

In fact, each Skyline engine is assembled by only one of the Takumi and the engine carries a plaque showing off the master’s signature. That level of care shows – the Skyline R35 GTR is only one short step away from being considered a racing car instead of a street conveyance.

The Numbers
If you’re the type of person who likes their statistics then take a look at this – when this particular car first rolled out in 2007 it posted the fastest lap ever made by a production car – seven minutes and thirty eight point five seconds.

In May of 2012 the GTR competed in the 24-hour race at Nurburgring against fully specked racing cars… and came in first in its class.

While that would make for a fine finish line, the Takumi saw it as just the beginning. They would return to the engines after every success and begin work again, always striving to make the GTR into something even better.

The Experience
Carefully controlled by one of our professional chauffuers, you can choose to have a Sydney wedding car hire that not so much brings you to your event as it launches you into it. Not only that – the interior boasts a Bose sound system that is integrated with the car’s frame to utilise the trunk as a bass woofer.
Oomph. Zoom. Power. Whatever word you use, here’s your chance to include this fine car into your big moment. Give us a call at 0413671999 or drop us a note via our contact page.
It’s time to get excited.