Chrysler Wedding Cars 300C Sedan

Premium leather. Real wood accents. Chrysler Wedding Cars are modern-day comfort mixed with old world class.

A solid body commanding respect for you while enjoying the ride. The Chrysler 300C makes your entrance at an event a moment of power combined with grace.

It’s the conveyance of a beautiful bride in flowing white gowns who will be enjoying drinks, laughter and fun with family and friends at the reception.

It’s the chauffeured ride of a gentleman of dignity who wants to spend an hour or two being shown the sights of the big city.

It’s a businesswoman showing an honoured guest that she’s ready to take his investment and transform it into the shape of an empire.

It’s You and your Magnificent Other making your way from the airport to the hotel, your honeymoon marking your first strong stride in building a life together.
Every Chrysler Wedding Car in our collection is fine-tuned by the best mechanics, its power guided through its paces by our thoroughly trained chauffeurs.

They always say, “Don’t just stand there – move.” Make your move a bold one by booking yourself a Chrysler Wedding Car – any move worth making is worth making big.