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Bentley - Flying Spur Sedan

Bentley Wedding Cars – If you’re looking for the perfect car to complete your perfect day then look no further than our Bentley wedding cars – the Flying Spur Sedan in particular. You’ve put a lot of effort into crafting your celebration or event; Bentley has put just as much care into their top-of-the-line sedans.

The Interior
Bentley is so particular in the creation of every one of their automobiles that new owners are able to pick their own interior style. The kind of wood to be used on the dash, leather, and even the style of stitches that are used to customise their interiors.

Bentley was very particular about the leather interiors that can be found in our Bentley wedding cars. The Italian leather was hand-picked ensuring that they were uniform and completely blemish-free – even a single mark can disqualify a piece of leather from being included in the final finish.

Once chosen, the leather was flown to Britain where craftsmen worked on every single stitch found in the interior. Even the covering of the steering wheels are hand-stitched using a single thread to contribute to the overall perfect interior finish.

The luxury doesn’t end with the leather. Every centimeter of interior wood is hand-crafted and polished to add to the elegance. The interiors feature a lot of leg room, making them suitable for brides who have expansive dresses they need to keep from being crumpled.

The Bentley wedding cars are set up with wifi and feature plug-ins for almost any entertainment device you care to name. Even better – the back seats feature a built-in refrigerator that fits two bottles of champagne just right. The seats are designed ready to serve you.

The Exterior
The elegance doesn’t just extend to the interior. The Flying Spurs have earned their name with a wide low base that ensures a smooth drive even at top speeds – this is a car built to move you in total comfort.

The Spurs feature a 6-litre, twin-turbocharged, 12-cylinder powerhouse under the hood. In the hands of our skilled professional chauffeurs you really are going to feel like you’re not so much out for a drive as you will be gliding your way around the curves of the road leading you to your celebration.

All of this craftsmanship and care can be yours to command. Bentley Wedding Cars. Call us at 0413671999 or send us a note via our contact page.