Bentley Wedding Cars 3

Bentley – Convertible GT Continental

If the top three items on your automobile checklist are luxury, power, and elegance all wrapped up with a convertible bow then our selection of Bentley wedding cars offers exactly what you’re looking for – the Convertible GT Continental.


The strong exterior lines proclaim that your style and grace as you make your way to your celebration. The car’s carriage manages the rare feat of combining power and wide stance with classically graceful sweeping lines, resulting in a striking harmony of strength and refinement.

The excellence in design continues with the interior. The detailing of the chrome enhancements, the lines of the seats’ architecture, even the very stitching itself all combine to create a perfectly balanced mixture of old-style class and modern flair.

The handpicked and hand-stitched leather pieces all have an exquisitely soft feel. Taken altogether our Bentley wedding cars are finely-tuned cars that you not only want to be seen in, they’re also drives that you’re going to remember feeling.


If engines are your thing then you’ll be happy to know that the Convertible GT Continental’s twin-turbo W12 engine can get your heart racing as it launches itself from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds.

With all that power comes a great deal of responsibility, and our Bentley wedding cars deliver on that promise as well. With its wide and low base, combined with our professional chauffeurs, you’re going to have a great time coupled with comfort and safety on your smooth-as-silk drive.

The Modern Touch

As if all that power and elegance wasn’t enough the Convertible GT Continental keeps you entertained and connected with the modern world.

Bring your music. Our Bentley wedding cars offer the ability to plug in iPods, MP3 players, SD cards, or CDs.


So picture yourself driving along the coast to a secluded picnic spot. Or travelling through the streets on your way to an art gallery opening, or a rock concert. Imagine you and your brand new bride or groom being driven away from the ceremony with the top down and the wind in your hair.

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