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Hunter Valley Wedding Cars – Wedding Car Rental Tips

You want class. You want style. You want to add an air of elegance to your wedding day. Most importantly, you want it all to come off without a hitch. With that last oh-so-important point in mind your friends here at Hunter Valley Wedding Cars thought we’d put together a wedding car rental checklist for you so you can make sure everything is set just the way you want it.

1. Come check out your ride.

We know we have some pretty slick pictures of our luxury machines on our site. Still, it’s one thing to see pictures, it’s another thing to see high-end cars up close and personal. Different vehicles give off different vibes.

Hunter Valley Wedding Cars want to make sure your arrival kicks off your big day with the right kind of flavour. Are you going for pure traditional elegance? Or maybe you want to add a little bit of swagger to your arrival. Perhaps you’re going for a pure all-out fun party feel.

Checking out the available cars ahead of time can make a huge difference in how your wedding day comes off.

2. Schedule your itinerary.

Hunter Valley Wedding Cars has plenty of wedding experience, so believe us when we say that you’re going to want to put some effort into your car scheduling.

How many locations will your car(s) have to hit? How long does it take to get from A to B, then from B to C? Do any of the lovely people from your party that we’re picking up have any special needs that might require a little more time?

3. Book enough time.

We always try to be as accommodating as possible when schedules run over, but between weddings, proms, hen and buck nights, and all the rest Hunter Valley Wedding Cars can get really very busy.

That can mean added fees can sometimes go higher than you might expect. So it’s best to give yourself some flex time on your day so you don’t have any surprises when the bill arrives.

4. Coordinate with your chauffeur.

Our pride, our joy, our whole reason for existing is that we very much want to help you have the best, most happily memorable wedding day as possible.

This goal becomes so much easier when your driver knows in advance what he or she can expect. Your Hunter Valley Wedding Cars chauffeur is a top-tier professional when it comes to laying out routes and pick-up times, so it’s in your very best interest to give them as much info as possible ahead of time to make sure your big day runs smoothly.

5. Make your reservations well ahead of time.

There’s a good chance you’ll be booking your wedding location, your entertainment, and your caterers months in advance, maybe even half a year. There’s a good reason for that – the best of the best are always busy.

The same goes for your wedding car rental. Make sure you have your selections in well ahead of time so that you can be confident you’ll get the luxury ride that your wedding day deserves.

The Biggest Tip of all…

…is to hire the best. And the best just happens to be us at Hunter Valley Wedding Cars.

Let’s get planning!


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