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Chauffeur Sydney – Behind the Scenes

Chauffeur Sydney – You see the posh rides and the prim and proper chauffeurs. You’re treated to an elegant ride and prompt, polite service. All of this you can see for yourself – but today we thought we’d take you a bit behind the scenes so you can have a peek at some of the rest of the work that your chauffeur Sydney puts into helping craft your perfect day.

First of all, we have to know the city. We’re not just talking about routes from your place to the airport or from the church to the reception hall – we have to be familiar with short-cuts, the points of highest congestion, at what times during the day that congestion is at its worse, and how to deal with any oddball routing situations along the way.

That means your chauffeur Sydney and his or her office team is constantly working to improve their knowledge of Sydney and the surrounding areas. On top of that we have to have real-time knowledge of construction sites, events (e.g. parades), and accidents that may prove to gum up the works.

We also have to develop a good eye and ear when it comes to dealing with luggage. We want to be able to help you assess if you’re going to be able to fly with all of your luggage without a weight penalty.

If you’re not flying but are perhaps doing something else like taking a cruise, then you’ll want to know beforehand if you’ll be able to fit all of your luggage in the particular car you’ve hired.

Airports are another item on our chauffeur Sydney checklist. Some airports charge to allow drop-offs or pick-ups, some do not. Some airports are cleanly laid out while we’re pretty sure others were designed to be a kind of torture device. All of this knowledge goes into figuring out when we should pick you up to get you to your flight on time.

Last but certainly not least – how car-friendly is your pick-up location or your destination? When you arrive is there likely to be space for our car to park? If there is generally a parking space available is it long enough to accommodate your vehicle of choice? Some places may be fine for the shorter cars, but might be nightmares for limos. Your grand entrance could get rained on a bit if traffic gets backed up by a block full of angry drivers with easy access to car horns.

Your chauffeur Sydney isn’t just a driver – he or she is an orchestrator. A planner. We’re students of Sydney, constantly studying to make your ride with us both as pleasant as possible and efficient.


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