Bentley Wedding Car

Bentley Wedding Cars – Meet Our Bentleys

Bentley wedding cars are numbered amongst the topmost vehicles in the world when it comes to a combination of elegance and power. We have a special fondness for these classic machines; a fondness that is reflected by our clientele that choose these cars time and again in order to bring an atmosphere of grace to their big day.

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our three beautiful Bentleys. We cherish them, and we think you will too.

(Pictures of our Bentleys are available in the “Our Cars” section of our website.)

Benny – 1962 Bentley S2

The first of our Bentley Wedding Cars is “Benny”, our 1962 Bentley S2. Bentley produced their S2 vehicles from 1959 through 1962. The S2 designation marked a change in the engines which were switched to a V8 configuration from the previous straight-six engines of the S1 Bentleys.

Along with the new engine the S2 machines also boasted improved air conditioning (which is handy for keeping your bridal party cool in all their finery), power steering as a standard, a new dashboard, and a new steering wheel.

As with all of our classic cars, Benny has his own personal history to go along with the story of his manufacturing. Benny was purchased and brought over from Beverly Hills Motor Cars in 2010 and was given a full and thorough restoration to provide the gentlemanly demeanour he displays today.

Sophea – 1956 Bentley S1

The second of our Bentley Wedding Cars is the lady “Sophea”. Bentley began producing their S1 as an example of their first thorough redesign to occur after WWII. These saloon cars were designed with more comfort in mind, their pressed steel bodies offered more comfort for Bentley drivers than in previous generations of their cars.

Sophea was originally owned by Sir James Hill, a successful businessman who later became the mayor of Bradford (a town in West Yorkshire, England) in the early 1900s. He later went on to become an elected MP in 1916, and was made a baronet in January of 1917.

Sophea was bought from the Hill family in 2001 by private collector Lyndon Jay who introduced her to Australia. Sophea joined our Bentley wedding cars family in 2009 at which time she underwent a full restoration.

Lady Di – 1954 R-Type Bentley Long Boot Saloon

Last but certainly not least is “Lady Di”, a 1954 Bentley Long Boot Saloon. The eldest of our Bentleys, as a representative of the R-Type Lady Di and her siblings were the last of the Bentleys built before the redesign of the S1 cars came into play.

One of the most remarkable features of the R-Type was the extended luggage capacity, from which we get the name “Long Boot.”

Lady Di in particular spent much of her early life in a garage as the young lady she was bought for (by her father) spent much of her time travelling abroad. Lady Di was originally an English green, but when she joined our family she received a Vintage Cream makeover to go along with her complete restoration.

The Definition of Class

Our Bentleys stand ready to bring a touch of elegance and grace to your wedding or other memorable event. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us at +61(0)2 4932 7799 or 0457 835 940 or send us a note via our contact page.


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